August 23, 2009

Brand New Day “Take Cover”


“Take Cover” is the 2nd CD release from the diverse electronic pop band, Brand New Day.

Released recently from BND Productions.

Its a 2 disc release featuring 10 original songs on disc 1, and 11 remixes on disc 2.


Track order:

CD 1

1. Issue Of The Heart – vocals by Justin Kesselring of Rhythmic Symphony

2. Take Cover – vocals by Ken Evans of  Tycho Brahe

3. Tell Me Why – vocals by Troy Silvey

4. Falling For You – vocals by Troy Silvey

5. Free – vocals by Ronn Hubbard of RE:Active

6. Going Mad – vocals by Drew Dawson

7. Find Your Way Home – vocals by Drew Dawson

8. Caught In A Lie – vocals by Steve Daniels of Elevated Sins and future vocalist of later BND releases

9. Out Of This World – vocals by Owe Emfestav of A Blue Ocean Dream

10. Mindless Static – vocals by Todd Millenacker of Avenpitch

CD 2

1. Take Cover – Stochastic Theory remix

2. Take Cover – Brand New Idol remix

3. Going Mad – Machine Made Pleasure remix

4. Take Cover – Daybehavior remix

5. Take Cover – MikS mix

6. Issue Of The Heart – People Theatre remix

7. Take Cover – People Theatre remix

8. Issue Of The Heart – Ultraviolet remix

9. Take Cover – Virtual Distance remix

10. Issue Of The Heart/Take Cover – Ecstatic Mood remix

11. Take Cover – Warp Ti remix

Additional programming on some of disc one by the bands Machine Made Pleasure and Blind Faith & Envy

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