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Modern Synthpop Vol. 1 is NOW available!

BND Productions 1st multi artist compilation series, “Modern Synthpop Volume 1″ is now here and available for purchase in our “Store” on our home site

Volume 1 features: Brand New Day, Elevated Sins, Syrian, Rupesh Cartel, Tycho Brahe, Blind Faith & Envy, Saudade, Vision Talk and many other bands in the synthpop scene.


1. Look – Elevated Sins
2. When You Were Mine (Feat. Estatuas De Sol) – Brand New Day
3. You Don’t Belong To Me – Never Enough
4. Miles Divide – Cylix
5. In My Place – Etage Neun
6. 1985 – Tycho Brahe
7. Never See In Your Eyes – Union Of Intentions
8. Change (US Version) – Erotic Elk
9. Paradise For Free (Sthilmann Electrolight Remix) – Vision Talk
10. Sensational (Synthetik FM Remix) – Hypersoul
11. Solarchaser – Syrian
12. Your Trip – Inner Conflict
13. Dancing With Robots – Electraset
14. If I Ruled The World – Destination
15. Light In A Mirror – Blind Faith & Envy
16. Reaching (Elevated Sins Remix) – Saudade
17. Fool’s Gold – Rupesh Cartel
18. Waiting – Avenpitch

Help support the modern synthpop scene and go purchase a copy and dont forget to tell your friends to do the same.


Joe & Steven

BND Productions

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