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Elevated Sins – Myth Single

Myth Single Cover

Elevated Sins is in the process of producing a single for the track Myth off of their album Blue.
The CD is currently out being pressed and is scheduled to be released in April.

There are some really impressive remixes of the song Myth including remixes by Cosmicity, Carl Hammar of Daybehavor, A Blue Ocean Dream, Adrian Casanova, and Statikk Dawn
Also, included is a Cover of O.M.D’s Tesla Girls and a previously unreleased track called Film.

The full track listing is:

1. Myth (Single version)
2. Myth (Cosmicity Mix)
3. Tesla Girls
4. Myth (ABOD Mix)
5. Myth (A Casanova Mix)
6. Film
7. Myth (Carl-Q-Lator Mix)
8. Myth (Statikk Dawn Ambient Mix)
9. htyMHymnmx

More information will be available soon.
Elevated Sins’s album Blue, can be purchased by clicking here

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